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안뇽 랑이다~ virtual 로리콘 tiger
MODEL + RIG by me
TAGS: #rangyiART // #rangyiNSFW // #rangyiCLIP

🔞 R-18 // NSFW CONTENT 🔞
Please read warnings below

All artwork, graphics, and animation are done by me unless credited otherwise.
My streams and content will lean towards mature 18+ themes.

⚠️🔞 Content will include: 🔞⚠️
alcohol/drug use, lolisho, ecchi, hentai, kinks, and other explicit content.

Please use your own discretion and be responsible!
Do not participate if you are not comfortable.
Know your limit, party within it! 🤙

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I'm sure you know the drill of VTuber etiquette but as a reminder:

1) Play nice~💋 Be respectful to myself and others.
2) Keep conversations lighthearted! Please move any heavy discussion to your own spaces. Warning will be given but any more and I'll give ya the ol' boot.
4) Please no spamming, trolling, or harassing - if you spot any, just report, ignore, and block.
5) For 18+ streams: I cannot guarantee what will be shown or discussed during the live so PLEASE use your own discretion.

Let's be respectful & responsible. Thank you!

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Updated every Monday(ish)

Streams are 3 days a week!
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🎨 Art by: PumpkinSpiceLatte 🎨
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From left to right:
IceFrozenhell | kippytan | @BAVXE
2v510celesse_vt | 69ppochi | _vacantly | ToyH
Shira_SAYA | BitS_art | sn35out | Aogami22
Potekin | skeetparalysis | ModeratelyAshamed

Thank you everyone for the wonderful fanwork! ಥ_ಥ

🐯 faq 🐯

Where can I find your art?
Feel free to DM me on Twitter and I'll be happy to link you. Must be 18+.


Are your commissions open?
Now closed! Thank you for your interest.
Any updates will be made on my socials or here.


I missed your Pomf stream - is the VOD available?
You can access my Pomf stream history HERE.
Please note that there is a limited number of streams that can be saved on the page. I'll do my best to keep popular ones there but Pomf videos expire after some time.
To avoid missing any, your best bet is to watch within the week it's streamed.


Will you make a Discord server?
As of right now, I don't have plans to.
There is a fan server not run by myself but some pussy palz may be able to direct you if you ask in chat!


Thank you! 💋

🐯 credit 🐯

model + live2D rig by me
overlays/logo by me
loading screen art by Eater (offline)
loading screen animation by me

misc illustrated PNGs from Irasutoya.com
kitty plushie by @kippytan
kitty sippycup by @kippytan

loading screen BGM by Soyb & Amine Maxwell
chat BGM by BGM President
minecraft BGM by BGM President

any new art or music used will be under video descriptions.
thank you!